What is “Legal Expertise for International Development”

Johannesburg and Turkey 173 (2)International development projects are an important vehicle for providing needed humanitarian assistance to populations of people, and also for advancing certain foreign policy and democracy goals worldwide. Development projects constantly walk the fine line between providing assistance to bring populations up to a base level of realization of civil and political rights and furthering agendas of donors, governments, and even individuals on the projects.

Most international development projects require some type of interaction with the legal system of the project country, and many involve components of development of the project country justice sector. However, not all legal systems are the same. In fact, we may even say that no two legal systems are the same. Not only are court procedures and evidentiary rules different from country to country, but also the entire notion of rule of law and the place it occupies in a society vary widely.

In order to create development projects, particularly those related to the justice sector of a project country, project implementers must come with a shrewd understanding of the local legal system, and rely appropriately and effectively on local national legal professionals. Often times, the efficacy and sustainability of justice sector programs in particular requires high-level legal expertise and an understanding of comparative law, in order to engage effectively with national experts.

Emerge International, LLC, aims to fill this need, providing targeted and tested legal expertise to international development partners and clients looking to improve the effectiveness of their legal and justice sector programs.

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