Legal Research

Legal research is a critical stage in designing policies and legislation, and in planning and assessing the effectiveness of policies and programs. Legal research can facilitate:

  • Mapping of existing legal frameworks at the domestic and international levels;
  • Comparative examples of how similar social problems have been addressed in other legal systems;
  • Analysis of the practical effects of hybrid legal systems, including the influence of religious law and customary law on the formal legal system;
  • Improvement of policy development and development planning;
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of legislation in a given social, legal, or political climate.

Emerge International provides high quality legal research, and maintains access to world class law libraries and resources to carry out that research. Emerge also engages social science research methodologies to complement legal research techniques and provide depth, accuracy, and relevance to its analyses and advice.

Emerge International’s lead consultant, Hadley Rose, is an expert in comparative law and comparative legal systems, ensuring the relevance of the research and recommendations. Rose is also experienced in designing, implementing, and analyzing social science research in connection with legal research in order to produce robust programmatic and legal recommendations.