Legal Research

Legal, policy, and empirical research to inform programming and legislation.

Legislative Drafting

Drafting effective laws and regulations to bring about social change.

Legal Training

Training and capacity building for legal professionals from around the world.

Program Design

Evidence-based designing, implementation, and evaluation of legal programming.

Emerge International, LLC specializes in providing legal training, justice sector program design, capacity building, policy analysis and research, legislative drafting, and other specialized legal services for international development. Hadley Rose, J.D./LL.M., founded Emerge International because she frequently noticed a fundamental misunderstanding about national legal systems would lead to a failure of sustainability in development projects. Accordingly, Rose pursued further graduate studies and academic research in comparative law, and has applied that knowledge to the legal systems of Rwanda, Syria, Cambodia, and Afghanistan.

Emerge International provides custom-designed programmatic solutions for legal aspects of international development projects. From curriculum design and professional training courses to legal and context analyses to empirical research, Emerge can implement projects of all sizes to enhance development and project goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the work of Emerge International, click here. To access Hadley Rose's full bio, click here.